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We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of strategic planning and decision making tools as well as numerous market analysis and pricing models and provide strategic maps to clients . Utilizing these standardized processes, automated tools, and exceptional facilitation expertise we provide consulting services in the following areas.



Business Development

Help clients develop a clear understanding of their market position and opportunities for growth. We assist clients in fulfilling their business development objectives and provide assistance in the preparation of winning proposals.



Strategic Planning

We work closely with executive management to develop business and strategic plans to leverage existing corporate strengths to produce renewed growth and prosperity. We are particularly effective in correctly assessing competitive positions and in developing plans to reposition companies and products.



Product Management

G.B.Wilson has significant experience in assessing market requirements and preparing product plans to both address existing markets and to position products for emerging opportunities. Our experience is extensive in building appropriate pricing models and developing effective go to market strategies.



Business Process Reengineering

We are proficient at quickly extracting the “as-is” map of the organization, identifying areas of improvement, and re-mapping the workflow to achieve improvement. Variations of our tool sets have been effectively used to map required product migration strategies.