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Founded in 1996, G.B.Wilson Enterprises Limited is a private equity firm focused on management buyouts and recapitalizations of middle market companies. We are dedicated to using our in-house operating expertise to help talented management teams and entrepreneurs build companies of significant value. We work closely with our portfolio companies and provide capital, operating and strategic expertise, and a network of strategic industry contacts to help them become industry leaders. We align ourselves with visionary management teams and entrepreneurs, who take substantial equity positions in their companies, and help build businesses of significant value. Our team has considerable operating, consulting, technology and financial management experience, enabling us to contribute meaningfully to our portfolio companies.

We specialize in small and medium sized companies with high quality, value added products and services, and attractive growth potential. We invest across a wide range of opportunities, from growth / development capital for minority stakes to control buyouts. We align ourselves with proven and committed management teams, who take substantial equity positions in their companies, to help build businesses of significant value. Our philosophy is to invest in operating companies that can take advantage of our ability to add value to a business. This expertise makes us better able to recognize the inherent value of a company, which allows us to place a higher valuation on a business enterprise than would a strictly financially driven investment firm. It also allows us to consider more challenging investment opportunities, such as underperforming businesses or businesses facing strategic or operational challenges or complex structural issues.

We recognize that a mature, qualified management team is critical to the success of our acquisitions. We believe in providing management teams with considerable incentives, including the opportunity to significantly participate in equity ownership. We believe that the motivations of an equity partner must be in line with those of the management team. We work closely with our management teams providing broad-based strategic and consulting services, focusing on developing and implementing specific operating improvements to increase the value of the enterprise.